The Blood and Beyond Joint Declaration calls on EU policymakers to support patient-centric anaemia care

Today, the Blood and Beyond initiative published a Joint Declaration, following the Reconnect Workshop that took place on the 17th of May 2022. The Declaration serves as a consensual document to raise awareness of the importance of greater patient-centricity in the care of anaemia – which requires to implement patient blood management (PBM), to embrace innovation that brings value to patients and to optimise transfusion use. It calls on policymakers, public health authorities, healthcare providers and all relevant stakeholders to act collectively to support more patient-centric anaemia care, thereby patients’ quality of life and cost-effectiveness of health systems.

In the context of legislative changes in Europe with the revision of the EU Blood Directive, Blood and Beyond recommends that implementation of PBM and optimal blood use become shared goals for the European Union and all Member States; and that these be achieved also through other EU and national frameworks related to patient safety, quality care and healthcare systems strengthening.

Read the Blood and Beyond Joint Declaration here

The Blood and Beyond Joint Declaration is open for endorsement here