Policy update on the SoHO Regulation

On 3 February, the Rapporteur, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Colin-Oesterlé, published her Draft Report on the European Commission proposal for a Substances of Human Origins (SoHO) Regulation. The draft report includes Patient Blood Management (PBM) as a standard of care and a best practice. It encourages greater implementation of PBM, highlights its impact on use of SoHOs and patients’ health, and outlines the role of innovation in the field. Amongst other, the report also recommends measures to facilitate cross-border exchange of SoHOs in Europe, better protect donors and recipients through the highest quality and safety standards, and to build EU self-sufficiency on SoHOs notably with the development of an EU strategy.
Next steps  (European Parliament):

26 June: Vote in ENVI (Environment, Public Health and Food Safety) committee

11 September: Vote in Plenary