Key Activities:

  1. Involvement of scientific society, key experts in the field of hematology and transfusion medicine and patient associations in the discussion on blood management in Poland.
  2. The Polish Society of Hematologists and Transfusionists developed a report on the current state of blood management in Poland including recommendations to prevent blood waste and deficits.
  3. Analysing data on blood donation and transfusion medicine in Poland, especially in relation to RBC transfusion in medical procedures, to assess the possible threat of blood supply shortages in the next decade.
  4. Engagement in the discussion on the role of innovative medical technologies in the blood supply shortages prevention strategy.

The following institutions responsible for the Polish blood service and non-governmental organizations have endorsed the report:

  1. Institute of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine in Warsaw
  2. Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw
  3. Association of the Polish Group for Treatment of Leukaemia in Adults
  4. Polish Coalition of Cancer Patients,
  5. Orphan National Forum,
  6. Hematooncology Association,
  7. Carita Foundation


The Polish Society of Haematologists and Transfusionists, in cooperation with a group of experts, developed a report titled: Blood: Medicine, Value, Resources. Current challenges and related needs with blood transfusions in chronic diseases. Key elements are:

  • Medical applications of blood transfusion and its ingredients
  • Polish system of blood management
  • Blood consumption
  • Treatment of anaemia in chronic diseases. Role of blood transfusion and its ingredients
  • Drug technologies reducing blood transfusions dependency
  • Recommendations for to optimizing blood management in Poland including application of drug technologies that help reduce blood transfusion need.

The report was presented on 18 May in a press conference attended by 29 participants including 18 media outlets and patient group representatives. During the event, the following experts shared their perspectives:

  • Iwona Hus, Head of the Polish Society of Hematologists and Transfusionists (host);
  • Dr Bożena Budziszewska, Regional Hematology Consultant;
  • Grzegorz Basak, Head of the Department and Clinic of Hematology, Oncology and Internal Diseases of the Medical University of Warsaw;
  • Marek Radziwon, National Consultant in Transfusiology.

They discussed about the need to change clinical practice when it comes to blood transfusions, the sustainability of blood supply in light of the ageing of the Polish population, the need to boost blood donations by raising awareness and to move towards new strategies for blood management, as well as about the role of innovative medicines in reducing transfusion dependency. The recording of the press conference can be viewed here (in Polish)

The publication of the report triggered a public debate in Poland on possible strategies to reduce blood use, including the role of innovative medical technologies reducing RBC transfusions. The report also gained the attention of Deputy Health Minister Maciej  Miłkowski, who supported the objective of reducing transfusion dependence for the benefit of patients and the Polish health system in a public interview (in Polish)

The findings of the report were also discussed by the members of the Polish Sejm Standing Committee on Public Health on 28 October 2021, together with representatives of the Ministry of Health and patient advocacy groups (the Polish Coalition of Oncological Patients and Hematoonkologiczni Association).

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