Healthcare Professional Experiences

Dr Capellini, Professor Gatterman, Professor Hus and Professor Kattamis share their expertise on the management of complex blood disorders and the impact of blood transfusion on both patients and the healthcare system.

Dr Maria Cappellini, Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Milan, Italy
Professor Gatterman, Managing Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre of the University of Düsseldorf & Oberarzt, Germany
Professor Iwona Hus, Medical University of Lublin, Dept Hemato-Oncology and BMT; National Society of Hematologists & Transfusion Specialists, Poland
Professor Antonis Kattamis, First Dept of Pediatrics, University of Athens 'Aghia Sofia' Children's Hospital; Advisory Committee of Thalassemia and Hemophilia, Ministry of Health, Greece

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Erik Aerts, Registered Nurse

Erik Aerts, President Haematology Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Group, shares his views on the current blood transfusion landscape in Switzerland and the educational needs amongst healthcare professionals and patients, differences in the management of the blood transfusion process and the need for European-level guidelines.

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Dr Marlijn Hoeks, Internist-Hematologist

Dr Marlijn Hoeks is an internist-hematologist at Radboud University Medical Centre and works as a transfusion specialist at the Sanquin blood bank. Her fields of expertise include blood transfusion, clinical haematology, haemostasis and benign blood disorders. As a supporter of the Blood and Beyond initiative, she shared her views on the current blood transfusion landscape.

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