European Parliament Adopts Position on EU SoHO Regulation

On 18 July, the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee adopted its position on the draft European Union Regulation on substances of human origin (SoHO), proposed by the European Commission in July 2022.

Blood and Beyond congratulates members of the European Parliament for their efforts to progress this important legislative text, and their level of ambition that is set to ultimately benefit and protect patients who receive SoHO and SoHO products in the EU; while improving the quality, safety and sustainability of the blood ecosystem.

Amongst other, Blood and Beyond particularly welcomes the recognition of the importance of Patient Blood Management (PBM) and the guidance provided by the World Health Organization in the area; the need to use substances of human origin efficiently taking into consideration therapeutic alternatives; the need to improve training and education of healthcare professionals including on transfusion practices; and the urgency to set up adequate systems to monitor both the availability of and demand for substances of human origin, including blood and blood products, in the European Union.

The European Parliament will vote on the text during the next plenary session on 11 September; while representatives of EU Member States continue to deliberate on their position.

Blood and Beyond will continue to follow the legislative process and highlight the crucial role that the new legislation can play in the field.