Blood And Beyond Report

The Blood and Beyond report proposes a shared vision for rethinking blood use in Europe to improve outcomes for patients. Drawing on the input from a roundtable meeting of 25 experts from across Europe, the report contains policy recommendations to safeguard and optimise Europe’s blood supply; to reduce transfusion dependency and to facilitate innovation.

The following organisations and policy makers have endorsed the report to date:

  • Dr Manuel Pizarro, MEP
  • Dr Cristian-Silviu Bușoi, MEP
  • Portuguese Association of Leukemia and Lymphoma (APLL)
  • Czech Leukemia Patient Organisation (Diagnoza Leukemie)
  • European Cancer Patient Coalition (Europe)
  • European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP)
  • European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF)
  • European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO)
  • EU MDS Project
  • Federation of patients with Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia (SOS GLOBI)
  • Haematology Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Group
  • Italian Association of Patients with Myelodysplastic Onlus Syndrome (AIPASIM)
  • Italian Federation for Thalassaemia, Sickle Cell Disease and Rare Anaemia patients’ associations (United Onlus)
  • Patient Association for Lymphoma, Leukemia and MDS (LyLe)
  • MDS Alliance
  • Association for rare anemias (SAM Deutschland e.V.)
  • Swedish Blood Cancer Association (Blodcancerförbundet)
  • Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF)

The report was launched on the 26th of March 2020, and updated in July 2020. Please find the full Blood and Beyond report, an infographic of key findings and a video presentation which summarises the report below.

Blood and Beyond report
Blood and Beyond infographic
Blood and Beyond policy report presentation