Key Activities:

Blood and Beyond Belgium aims to increase the attention drawn to an optimal blood management, and to reduce the blood transfusion dependence from an individual, social and economic perspective. For this, Blood and Beyond Belgium brings together the expertise of experts in haematology, blood management, nursing, health economics and hospital management.

As Blood and Beyond Belgium, we want to bring forward policy and organisational recommendation to limit the impact of blood transfusion for patients and society.


The first stakeholder meeting was held on the 25th of March. This webinars’ focus was on bringing the total blood environment in Belgium together and search for possibilities to reduce the impact of blood transfusion. For more information and the report of the webinar ‘Blood and Beyond, rethinking blood use in Belgium’ click here.

The webinar ‘Blood and Beyond rethinking blood use in Belgium’ gathered Belgian decision makers, patients, relevant medical professional associations and healthcare collaborators. Jana Vanden Broeck (project coordinator BeQuinT – FPS Public Health) and Luc Crabbé (patient MDS) were the speakers of the first part the webinar.

Doctor Stef Meers (Hematology at the General Hospital Klina), prof. dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove (Red Cross Flanders), and Philippe Van Wilder (Health Economist ULB) were the panellists in the second part of the webinar.

Gita Vanpeborgh, member of the Committee on Health and Equal Changes at the Chamber of Representatives, closed the event with the main policy recommendations.*

The different speakers and panellists shared their views on:

  • Raising awareness on the use and the impact of blood transfusions on patients with chronic conditions;
  • Discussing the findings of experts on the challenges of the Belgian blood supply and the possible solutions;
  • Substantiating relevant policy and legislative frameworks;
  • Contributing to more collaboration in the field of blood transfusion.

You can find the report with the key takeaways in English here, in Dutch here and in French here.

Contact person (Affiliate):

Pieter-Jan Mattheus, Senior Manager Policy and Governmental Affairs, BMS Belgium